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Aelf's Zhuling on what's going on his mind


1) Can you share with our readers more about yourself?

My life experience is pretty straightforward. Spent years in engineering school and then I decided to move into strategy consulting, because it gave me a lot of exposure in different industries and also a lot of intellectual problem solving. My life motto is to leave some legacies in the world to make it a better place. And so far I am working towards that goal.


2) We saw that previously you were a Senior Consultant with Roland Berger consulting on various business verticals. How did you get involve in blockchain and crypto?

During my time as a strategy consultant, advising large corporates and governments in this region, I got exposed to many emerging markets in SEA. One thing I notice is that technology is becoming a key driver for business innovation for the future. And specifically for emerging markets, technology is the key for them to leap frog. In addition, as an engineer by training, I always want to become part of the force to drive technology innovation with a clear business objective. When I first got to know blockchain technology, I was amazed by the opportunity it opened up for more transparency and accountability in business. That’s why I entered blockchain space without hesitation.


3) Given your deep engineering background in chemical, biomolecular and manufacturing, does it help in understanding what the world is trying to achieve with blockchain now?

Well, blockchain is quite far away from chemical or manufacturing. My education taught me not only the knowledge in those fields, but rather more importantly a way to understand the world with open mind and critical thinking. Maybe one day, blockchain can also help chemical and biomolecular engineering. Let’s see.


4) Let’s talk about Aelf, what is Aelf trying to achieve and how is it able to do so?

In a nut shell, aelf is the cloud powered public blockchain for businesses. Aelf provides the versatile business blockchain platform powered by cloud computing. Aelf is here to help businesses transform the way they deliver their services and how to collaborate by laying out the fundamental blockchain infrastructure. Aelf enables businesses to focus on building up their own DAPPS on their own chains with minimum effort. It also unleashes the opportunity for inter-business communication and collaboration through our effective cross-chain communication mechanism. By incorporating modern technologies such as cloud nodes and parallel processing, aelf is the blockchain system that achieves secure transactions at commercial scale


In order to achieve that, aelf:

  • Provides public or private, application-specific sidechain solutions to accommodate multiple business needs

  • through the use of bespoke sidechains, aelf facilitates inter-business collaboration and communication

  • guarantees enterprise-suited performance and speed for commercial application


5) What are the potential use cases of Aelf and who might be the users?

The power of general smart contract platform is enormous, which means any types of business application can be executed on aelf. However, we need to consider two other dimension, 1. The values of blockchain bringing into one use case. 2. The readiness of the industry. For the first point, the best place to demonstrate the value of blockchain is to instill transparency, involvement of community and also efficiency improvement via getting rid of third party. The second point, is about how willing these industries are to embrace new technology. For aelf, we are looking at a few use cases, including payment system, gaming, data management, enhanced cloud computing offering, auditing tool, etc


6) You wrote an article recently on “How Asia will lead the pack in blockchain integration”. Can you elaborate on that and why do you think so?

One of the reasons that I moved back from U.S. to Asia after MIT was because I believe Asia has much bigger growth opportunities. Those grow opportunities are driven by huge young population, improving government and adoption of new technology. We have seen digitalization happening in Asian countries very successfully. Led by examples, such as Alipay, Taobo, Grab, etc. So I also believe on the way from digitalization to Tokenization (which involves getting rid of central party, and also different governance model and borderless outreach), will make Asia another powerful for blockchain integration.


7) What do you think will be the turning point or eureka moment for the blockchain industry as a whole?

What the market is lacking the most right now is market confidence, meaning that people are unsure about its future. Therefore I felt the turning point may come in two aspects: 1. Traditional institutions start to get exposure in blockchain investment, mostly like first with Bitcoin. 2. One or two clear use cases to show the business values to the mass market, this always requires better user experience and key management at wallet to reduce user friction.


8) How do you keep yourself abreast with the fast-changing developments in blockchain?

This industry is always moving at light speed. I do some readings each day and spend time chatting with good blockchain veterans mostly to learn from other people.


9) Engineers are known to be logical persons. Is there a non-logical side of you?

Being in a nascent industry, with ever-changing environment, that brings a lot of uncertainty. Uncertainty and anxiety are definitely non-logical emotions, but I believe that stays with every single entrepreneur. So yes, I do need to deal with anxiety and uncertainty everyday, just like in my consultant time. But it is also the force to keep me alert and motivated everyday.


10) Lastly, please complete the sentence below

I am Zhuling, I would like to be remembered as the guy who drives a new technology adoption ahead.




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