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Blockshow Asia 2018


We were at BlockShow Asia 2018. The event was a far cry from last year which was bustling with people from all over the world. This year, our guesses were, only the hodlers and curious peeps were attending. Gone were the hype, the enthusiasm and the optimism. Is blockchain tech really here to stay? Or it is purely a fad?


Well, we can't predict what's going to happen to blockchain and cryptocurrencies but many things for sure we know have a snow-balled effect. If the cryptocurrencies markets remain depressed, there will be lesser publicity or positive news floating around, this will make it harder to get masses participation, crypto exchanges volumes will start to shrink, head-counts will start to freeze or roll. The industry as a whole will suffer a setback.


That leads us to highlight on one topic that was discussed at BlockShow "Why Investing in Crypto Is Such a Bad Idea (if you don't do it methodically)". Methodically basically means which ever methods that have worked systematically for you. Some of the following insights are what we had gathered from the panel of expert speakers.


 1) Do not invest in FOMO, even if you do, learn to exit fast.

 2) Always do your research on the companies that you are investing tokens with.  Are there actual use cases? Even if there are actual real cases, is there really a need for the use case? 

3) There are tons of utility tokens out there created mainly just to justify the reason of having a value. What is the real value? You will have to judge for yourselves. 

4) Companies with brick and mortar business tend to perform better than those who have "white papers" only.

5) Stay chill. 


Our editor's advice to readers out there? It would definitely be point 5. Enjoy the holidays ahead :) 


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