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She is the missing link between Blockchain, Companies and the Masses


1) Tell us something interesting about yourself and what’s your connection with the blockchain industry?

Hi everybody, I am CoCo. You may have seen me on Instagram ads before! Initially I had no idea what blockchain was about until I bumped into a friend who's now my colleague. 


2) What’s your typical day schedule at work like?

In the blockchain landscape, it's difficult to determine what a typical day is. Some days we can get a breather, some days with back to back meetings, and on event weeks, we are running between locations. 


3) What were you doing previously?

I was doing content marketing for a dating agency in Singapore! 😁 Right before that, I graduated from NTU ADM with a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging. 


4) Was it a big change in perception and expectation in terms of the industry where you came from vs now?

In terms of the industry, definitely. However, both are difficult industries for my role. Why would I say that? Dating itself comes with a lot of stigma - it used to be so for apps but people are more accepting of it these days, but I wouldn't say the same for matchmaking agencies. I was mostly doing marketing for the matchmaking agency Gaigai, which social stigma surrounding blind dates and speed dating is still present. Likewise in crypto, people think that it is a scam or just a bubble. So it isn't easy doing marketing especially for conversions because firstly, we'd have to educate and education takes a lot of time and hard work. Education has to be united - across companies and competitors. You can't do this alone. 


5) What would you like to see happening more in the blockchain industry?

I'd like to see more collaborations between companies, products and platforms. It'll take us far! 


6) What do you think about the asian blockchain landscape here compared to our western counterparts? 

I personally do not think there's much differences in the blockchain landscape. Everyone's working towards mass adoption. However, due to regulations, Asian projects and companies have more freedom in marketing their projects and products. 


7) If someone new wants to join the exciting blockchain industry, what would your advice be?

Be curious, be bold. But I guess it's also something I'm constantly working on! 


8) Any accomplishments from you that you think our readers would love to know? 

Wow, accomplishments. I'm still young and learning, but I hope this would really go far! 


9) If someone were to hit on you using a crypto verse, what line would it be? 

"I would like to send you some bitcoins."


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